eTrade Summit 2018

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eTrade Summit 2018

Welcome to the new eTrade Summit

Indeed, we celebrate this already 6th edition of the eTrade Summit with a completely new concept. (And also a new website, as you will see.)


We have not been idle in the past years. We have also been able to establish that e-commerce specialists do not like to sit still. We all want to move and do something. Being passive for a long time doesn’t suit us. Act and participate all the more.


That is why the eTrade Summit 2018 will be even more dynamic, more exciting and even more surprising. With more participation, more interaction and more possibilities for networking.

How does the new eTrade Summit work?


We still have:

– a day program
– a reception between day and evening program
– an evening program.

But the comparison stops there.

Day program, starting at 3.30 pm

In summary:

– There are as many different themes as there are tables (at least 10)

– There are 3 rounds, so:

 Round 1: minimum 10 themes à 35 ‘- possibility to switch afterwards

• Round 2: minimum 10 new themes of 35 ‘- possibility to switch afterwards

• Round 3: a minimum of 10 themes, including the most interesting themes of round 1 and round 2

september 25 2018


Date: 25 september 2018
Time: 15:30 - 22:00
Cost: €129
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Website: Visit Event Website


Concertzaal De Casino

Stationstraat 104
Sint-Niklaas, 9100 België

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